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Are you feeling anxious, afraid, angry, sad, or stuck?

Paul Olander, licensed Atlanta therapist, can provide experiences in therapy that will help your brain think, feel and cause actions in ways that are calm and optimal for what is actually happening in the present moment in your life.


  • Are you troubled by images, thoughts or feelings about a past event? 

  • Are you stuck in a relationship with a person, job, situation or addiction that you have not been able to either improve or leave behind? 

  • Do you find yourself feeling anxious, panicked, angry or down for no obvious reason?

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Paul Olander Atlanta therapist

I first establish an open connection and clear target for the person with me in therapy.  I then integrate various clinical perspectives including Emotional Pain Intervention, Rapid Resolution Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Integration, Narrative Exposure Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Theory and Motivational Interviewing to move toward the targeted goal. I am certified in Emotional Pain Intervention, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, as a Clinical Trauma Professional and as a Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Imagine yourself free of emotional pain from past fear, rage, panic/grief, loss, heartbreak or compulsion that has been diverting and draining your energy away from the purpose and actions you want in your life. Learn how freeing and empowering that will be!

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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Individual and couples sessions identify a desired target, find obstacles blocking progress, & clear away barriers. After goals are met, we identify skills needed to create long-lasting change.


Group sessions consist of 4-10 people with similar intentions that support each other toward positive change. Sessions last 60-90 minutes and are usually facilitated by 2 clinicians.


For newly licensed social workers, supervision consists of 1-2 clinicians (counts as individual hours toward full licensure). We discuss and resolve personal issues, specific cases, ethical questions, and any other issues that may arise in the course of clinical practice.


Consultation sessions are for individual, fully-licensed colleagues to discuss challenging cases, questions about various clinical approaches, and personal reactions they are experiencing while in session with their clients.

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"Change is now, change is now

Things that seem to be solid are not

All is now, all is now

The time that we have to live"

- Chris Hillman/Roger McGuinn 


Change is Now, LLC is not in-network with any insurance panels. Payment can be made via Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal, Cash, or Check.

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."  

- Albert Einstein


2751 Buford Hwy NE
Suite 402
Atlanta, GA 30324
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