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Learn more about my individual and group therapy services and download patient forms here. 

Hidden Monastery
Individual or Couples Psychotherapy

One-on-one sessions identify a desired target, find obstacles blocking progress, and clear away barriers. After these these goals are met, we identify skills needed to create long-lasting change.

Bridge Over River
Clinical Consultation

Consultation sessions are for individual, fully-licensed colleagues to discuss challenging cases, questions about various clinical approaches, and personal reactions they are experiencing while in session.

Hidden Monastery
Clinical Supervision

For newly licensed social workers, supervision consists of 1-2 clinicians, which counts as individual hours toward full licensure. We discuss and resolve personal issues, specific cases, ethical questions, and any other issues that may arise in the course of clinical practice.

Therapy Session
Group Therapy

Group sessions consist of 4-10 people with similar intentions that support each other toward positive change. Sessions last 60-90 minutes and are usually facilitated by 2 clinicians.


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